English-language learning students can practice speech and perfect pronunciation from the comfort of their own homes with Ola.

Toronto, CanadaJune 17, 2021  – Lingo Media Corporation (TSXV: LM) (OTC: LMDCF) (FSE: LIMA) (“Lingo Media“) subsidiary, ELL Technologies Ltd., DBA as Everybody Loves Languages (“Everybody Loves Languages or the “Company“), an EdTech company that is ‘building a multilingual world’ through innovative online technologies and solutions, announced the release of Ola, a mobile app developed to help English-language learners perfect their speaking skills. Ola provides over 200 hours of speaking practice and is offered to all Everybody Loves Languages‘ English students. 

Using one of the largest digital content libraries in the world, the Ola app delivers effective and practical learning exercises for users who are on the go. The app’s speech recognition technology allows students to analyze pronunciation and simulate real-life conversation scenarios with characters modeled using audio from native English speakers. 

“With OlaEverybody Loves Languages strengthens its track record as an innovator in English-language learning,” said Gali Bar-Ziv, President & CEO of Lingo Media. “Ola, which means wave in Spanish, represents the continuous endeavor and fluidity of language-learning. The app uses AI-based feedback to support students in mastering a new language. It caters to the convenience that modern learners expect from their mobile devices, allowing them to learn from wherever they are.”

The app launched with two major features, Speak2Me and Studio. Using Speak2Me, students can select their skill level, choose an avatar, and have a dialogue with their virtual conversation partner, Lucy. The second feature, Studio, allows students to perfect their pronunciation skills and expand their vocabulary through repetition of simple phrases. Both features provide students with color-coded feedback, indicating where they did well and where they can improve. “For many students, speaking is the most dreaded part of learning a new language,” said Mark Beyer, Director of Pedagogy at Everybody Loves Languages. “The issue is further complicated with online learning, where students can’t always find opportunities to practice with their peers. The Ola App helps students with self-study, providing them with additional support while also allowing teachers to monitor their progress via our LMS.” 

Bolstered by decades of expertise within the product innovation team at Everybody Loves LanguagesOla leads the industry with its comprehensive approach to learning beyond the classroom. For more information about the Ola App, visit olalearn.com.

About Everybody Loves Languages 

ELL Technologies Ltd., also known as Everybody Loves Languages, is a language-learning company based in Toronto, Canada. With over 25 years of experience in EdTech, ELL is on a mission to build a multilingual world, using state-of-the-art technology and first-class language-learning content and methodology. Its programs provide innovative SaaS-based eLearning solutions including assessments, online and offline content, real-time reports, speech recognition technology and white-label tools. Through more than 2,500 hours of content in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French and Portuguese, ELL aims to connect people around the world not just through languages, but through the journey of learning them. 

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About Lingo Media (TSXV: LM) (OTC: LMDCF) (FSE: LIMA

Lingo Media is a global EdTech company that is ‘Changing the way the world learns languages‘, developing and marketing products for learners of new languages through various life stages, from classroom to boardroom. By integrating education and technology, the company empowers language educators to easily transition from traditional teaching methods to digital learning. 

Lingo Media provides both online and print-based solutions through two distinct business units: Everybody Loves Languages and Lingo Learning. Everybody Loves Languages provides online training and assessment for language learning, while Lingo Learning is a print-based publisher of English language learning programs in China. 

Lingo Media has established successful relationships with key government and industry organizations internationally, with a presence in Latin AmericaChina and the U.S., and continues to both extend its global reach and expand its product offerings. 

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