So, you have just launched a new IR website. You are satisfied with the project’s development, and arehappy that you now have a dedicated page with a wealth of informationfor investors and shareholders to view online. You may even beexpecting a bump in investment inquiries. But, how do you get trafficto your IR website? Well, if the first thing you did was head over toGoogle, you might have landed on the RBL Communications Media Hub.Today, we’re going to help you get more search traffic to your IRwebsite in six simple steps.

Build A List Of Keywords

Before anything else, you need to build a list of keywords and phrases you want to rank for. These could be terms such as “Canadian Cannabis Stock”, “Silver Mining Investment”, “Blockchain and AI” and more. A good way to get started is by asking yourself how would you find this business on a search engine. What would you search for on Google when looking for your IR website? Try including some words along with your keywords, that show intent. Words like “Due Diligence” or “Investor Presentation” would suggest that the web surfer is conducting their initial research on a company or business sector in order to invest. Whatever keywords and phrases you do end up using, make sure they are relevant to investors you are trying to reach, and aligns with your business plans and objectives. There is no point attracting traffic to your site that isn’t interested in subscribing to your newsletter, reading your press releases, or reviewing your financials.

Add These Keywords To Your Website Content

Once you have decided which keywords you would like to rank for, your next step is to add these keyword on your IR website. Use them on your page title, meta tags as well as your page content. If you are using these keywords enough on your IR website, you will see an improvement in your search engine page rankings. Just make sure that they are used naturally. Adding a keyword a dozen (or more) times on your IR website won’t help you get your message across to your reader, and search engines like Google can detect what is referred to as “keyword stuffing” and punish you for said practices. Use them sparingly and naturally for the greatest effect.

Produce Great Content

We can’t stress this enough. In order to maximize your IR website, you need to publish quality and consistent content throughout it. You also need to map out a content strategy, around the topics you seek to rank for. These can include industry information such as updates in supply/demand dynamics, a profile from a member of your team, general education on what problems you are solving in the world, or summarizing your latest quarterly financials in simple English. At RBL Communications, we use our blog for content like that. If you haven’t incorporated an blog within your IR website, now would be a good time to start thinkingabout adding one. If you are not yet convinced about the value a blogadds to your IR website, consider sending your shareholders a shortsurvey. Just ask them how many pieces of company literature they readprior to investing in you. We guess more than half of your investorswould probably have read at least 4 pieces of content, prior toinvesting.

Use Video and Photography

In addition to written content, video, photography and other graphic content represent another great way to improve your search engine rankings, while also attracting moreinvestors to your IR website. Google rewards pages that include richmedia content so if your goal is to boost search traffic, you need touse as much of it as possible. Here are a couple of ideas you can useto your advantage. A photo gallery of your mining operations, aninfographic showing your software or blockchain development phase –as well as where it’s headed, a video explaining who your company is(and why you are doing what it is you are doing), and so on and soforth. The point here is, if your IR website doesn’t have rich media,or not enough of it, it will be harder for you to rank higher for thekeywords you are targeting.

If you would like to learn more, we recently wrote an article on making better business videos.


When adding content to your IR website, make sure that you are including links. What do we mean exactly? Well, there ARE two ways to explain how using links will help increase your search traffic. The long-short of it is, you have on-site linksand off-site links.

On site-links are links that connect one page of your website to another. For instance, your latest blog post might include a link to your latest press release posted on your IR website. Or a photo gallery page might include a link to a presentation with more details about the progress of your mining operations. Basically, the goal of these links is to create a“content loop” of sorts, in order to keep site visitors engaged with your content, in turn, improving your SEO.

An off-site link is a link that point back to your IR website from an external site. These are also an important ranking factor when taking SEO into consideration. The more links from domains with good authority out there, the higher your IR website will rank. The good news is, there are a few easy to adopt steps you can take in order to get these links. When you put out a press release on a news-wire, include a link to your IR website at the end. If you produce a video, post it on your branded YouTube channel, adding the link in the description.

Analyze and Optimize

Finally, you need to analyze the data you have collected from site visitors, and make improvements to your content accordingly. If you have yet to add Google Analytics traffic to your IR website, head over here to get set up. After a few weeks, you will start seeing how visitors are engaging with your content. What are your most popular pages? What is the best kind of content? Are they dropping off on any particular page or pages? Let the data do the driving, and change your content and keyword strategyaccordingly. Above all, set out some goals. For example, if yourwebsite is only getting 10 visits a day, but you want to double that to 20 visits a day in the next three months, this gives you ayardstick to measure performance against results over a definedperiod of time.

Final Word

Ranking for search terms and converting search traffic is one of the most complicated parts of digital marketing. Even seasoned professionals require an annual refresher or two on this area. That’s because things are always changing with search engines who are trying to find ways to provide their customers, the average investor surfing the web, with the best, and highest quality information out there. If this sounds like somethingyou would like to try, but aren’t sure how to begin, click here toconnect with RBL Communications. Our team would be delighted to learnmore about your IR website’s needs and help you get results fromsearch.